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The General's Hot Sauce - An Explosion Of Flavor

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All our hot sauces are made with peppers grown here in the U.S., and each bottle of hot sauce contains 86% actual peppers (the industry standard hovers around only 20%). The Super 6 offers mild and medium sauces for normal taste buds, hot and crazy hot sauces for the true pepper heads of the world, and rich, flavorful spicy maple syrup that is perfect for the culinary explorer in the family. All flavors come in our signature, trademarked glass hand-grenade packaging.

HOOAH Jalapeño: a versatile mild green jalapeño sauce NEW!!
Dead Red: a classic medium-heat red cayenne sauce
Danger Close: a hot blend of cayenne and habanero peppers
Shock & Awe: a scorching, citrusy habanero sauce
Maple Mayhem: habanero-infused maple syrup.
Grunt Green: A truly unique, tangy, earthy flavor.

Bold Gold is our cayenne-infused extra virgin olive oil. After we filter the solids out from our Dead Red pepper mash, we carefully blend it into premium grade extra virgin olive oil. The fruity olive oil notes pair perfectly with the fermented cayenne flavor. Bold Gold goes great on anything from salads to garlic bread. Enjoy some mildly spicy bruschetta, or fully infuse the heat out by cooking it in dishes like oven-roasted vegetables, marinated chicken breast, or any dish that begins with a splash of olive oil in the pan. - 6 fl. oz. glass bottle - Heat level = Mild - All natural - Veteran Owned & American Grown - Gourmet / Specialty / Patriotic - Men's Gift / Guy Gifts / Father's Day Ideally store between 55 - 75 degrees Fahrenheit